Tuesday Trials: Finding Poetry

09 Nov
blue on blue

Image by JKönig via Flickr

12:30, Tuesday, 9 November, 2010 – Atlanta

Found poetry is fun. You can find poetry in anything. Think of found poetry as finding a seed, planting it, watering it, discovering what the blossom is and then taking care of it appropriately, placing it in the right pot and setting. The seeds are news articles, songs, poems, essays, magazine articles, music, photographs and art. I have a found poem from each of those seeds. Ekphrastic poetry can fall under the category of found poetry in that it is poetry that comments upon, or develops from,  another art form.

In this exercise I am going to give you the seeds. The exercise is based on one that writer James Penha and artist Rashid Carre gave at a teachers’ conference. There are a couple of steps, so I will give you the first step today and follow up tomorrow. I am going to list 15 words. I want you to circle seven. Try for a mix of parts of speech [nouns, verbs, adjectives…]. You should feel free to change the tense or number [fall/drowned/spring as a verb or a noun/fields]:


Take the seven words you chose and use them in a poem. Be sure you use this list, as the second part of the exercise dovetails with this. It does not have to be elaborate. When I did the exercise the seven words I used from the list given me were: window/blue/pitcher/spills/air/cotton/summer. The poem I ended up with is:

Still Life with Blue Pitcher

On the window sill
in the window frame
as for a still life
the blue pitcher
a hand reaching
lifts it and tilts
lip to lip
spills effortlessly down the throat
the cold effervescing liquid
light and weightless
as summer cotton.

published in Lunarosity, 2004

Tomorrow we will try the next step.


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4 responses to “Tuesday Trials: Finding Poetry

  1. Robert Lloyd

    10/11/2010 at 4:29 pm

    I have posted a response to this prompt at my meme blog. I enjoyed the premise and enjoyed browsing your site I will come back for more.

    • Robert Lloyd

      10/11/2010 at 4:32 pm

      should have probably left a link for it huh?

      Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to the second part of this challenge.

      • mroby

        10/11/2010 at 5:30 pm

        Glad you caught that, although I was so delighted, both to have a visitor and one who responded to the prompt, that I went straight to your blog when you did give me the link, and almost forgot one of the first rules of blogging: Respond to comments!


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