Poetry Prompts and Exercises from Around the Blogosphere

25 Mar

9:16 am, Friday Freeforall — Atlanta

Okay. here we go with the regular Friday post.

First up the Poetry Tow Truck. Donna suggests we go closet shopping…in our journals. We are going journal shopping. Pull out some old journals (or, if you write exclusively on the computer, pull up some old files).  Spend about fifteen minutes pulling out lines that you like and writing them on a new sheet of paper. That is a pullout. To read the entire prompt, visit the tow truck.

The first of our single word prompts comes from Writer’s Island and is inseparable. Head to the island to discover the definitions they have found.Second is Sunday Scribblings with free, or freedom. The last is from One Single Impression with sarcastic. Pop over and look at the etymology they offer. Consider that the word shares roots with sarcophagus…intrigued?

Next up, Carry on Tuesday with, This week, the first words from the final paragraph of Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky: But that is the beginning of a new story…Head over to the site for a link to information about the novel.

The first of our two regular photograph/illustration offerings comes from Scribble & Scatter’s Sunday Snaps and offers us beautiful photos of the perigee moon from last week.The second site is Magpie Tales and their photograph is interesting because of its fantasy possibilities, or the beauty intrinsic to the weapons [all of which types I have handled and conserved in my other life as a Curator].

Wait until you see Big Tent’s offering this week, if you haven’t visited already. This week we are going to try bending, maybe even breaking & re-stitching words together. And we’ll use Big Tent Poetry’s latest resource page: Poetry Toys! which offers all kinds of fun resources for writing, including an automated erasure site.Go over and play.

If you remember, Jingle Poetry’s Monday Potluck asked us to focus on lies, deceptions and misrepresentations this week. Next week, to get us in the mood for summer, how about trips, travel and vacations? Head to Jingle to watch their accompanying videos.

Jumping Jehoshaphat before you can say Jack Robinson its time to play ABC Wednesday again. Instead of the blog’s usual badge, I am going to give you their Letter J as an illustration because it is so lovely.

Dual, identical, volley. An interesting threesome from Three Word Wednesday. Head on over to learn their definitions.

Musty Minutes. Where do these two words take you? Memory?  Past experience?  Dream images? We Write Poems wants to know. Go over to their site to read the rest of the prompt. In a serendipitous manner, I already have a poem for this one. More when I post next Thursday.

Here is a pullout from Poets United and their Thursday Think Tank: Whatever your pleasure write something that has to do with someone in uniform. Maybe as a child you wanted to reach for the stars and be an astronaut. Maybe you dreamed of being a knight in shining armor; that too was a uniform. Head on over for the rest of the prompt, as they always provide useful directions to get us started.

And that’s another week. Have a wonderful weekend. Stop in Tuesday for Dialogue Poems part 4, and Thursday for the next in our revision series [or maybe I will break things up with a review of one of my writing bibles]. Happy writing, everyone.


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