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27 Feb

7:46 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol

Hello, all. I have some particularly fun places for you to explore:

1] The what: Welcome to Light. Founded 22 years ago by John Mella under the name Light Quarterly, it’s America’s oldest and best-known journal of light verse.

Several of you write light verse, but it’s not easy to find a place to submit such. Visit Light  and read a couple of their issues to see if you think your work fits. If it does, submit!

When and where: The biggest change: it isn’t on paper. Instead it’s here online, in its entirety, no subscription required—a switch that makes it more sustainable and more accessible than ever to readers worldwide. Another shift: Light has moved to twice-yearly publication.

Head over and enjoy a read, even if you don’t write light.

2] This next one I love! How about riding trains for free and writing while doing so. Sound crazy? Read The Wire’s article, Inside Amtrak’s (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to Writers. How the whole thing came about is fascinating. The ‘pilot’ ride has happened: ‘In a phone interview with The Wire, Gross [the pilot writer] described the train ride as a “unique environment for creative thought,” one that “takes you out of normal life.”‘ [The Wire]

3] This final link is for those of you who live in and around Georgia. Emory University has just opened a Seamus Heaney exhibition. The University enjoyed a special relationship with Heaney and the exhibition promises to be worth the drive, for out-of-towners. The exhibition runs until November 25th and includes rarely seen photographs, personal correspondence with other writers, and the surface of his one-time writing desk. The link will take you to the Emory News Center and an article, by Maureen Mcgavin, describing the exhibition.

I’m excited about all three all over again. I shall see you tomorrow for the prompts roundup; Tuesday for a yet undiscovered prompt; and Thursday for a couple more links.

Happy writing, everyone.

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