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20 Feb

first photo 308:11 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to snips from George Ezra’s album Wanted on Voyage

Hello, everyone. I love finding music I haven’t discovered, that I like. Thanks to Misky, I have a George Ezra song on one of my Google Play playlists and was able to listen to snips from the whole album. The young man has quite a voice. Our own voices come through our writing (some of which sings), so let’s look at this week’s prompts.

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Visit to meet the new prompters who have joined MLMM. The prompt that caught my eye this week is Heeding Haiku with HA. He’s on a mini-sabbatical and Jen turned her hand to the prompt. I like her style and love the possibilities from the resources she gives us. Check out their other prompts for the week.sunday whirl

At The Sunday Whirl,  Brenda asks us to leave our Wordle links in the comments of her blog. If you join The Sunday Whirls Facebook page, you can get the week’s list a couple of days early.

pink girl ink

Pink.Girl.Ink. Stacy gives us a template for creating a word deck. This one centres on romance, because it’s last Saturday’s prompt, but the whole is a terrific thing to bookmark. You can choose any topic and apply the idea. Head on over.

The Music In It: Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog: Adele talks to us about favourite words. (Do you keep a list? I have a great set of word cards I found in Singapore, small, blank cards (held together by a key ring), on which I write words I love.) Visit to see what she suggests we do with a favourite word to create a poem.

Damn, it’s cold and I’m inside. With a heater.

Feeling blue? Need a laugh? Need warming up? Make tracks to Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. Read several. They are in the comments so you don’t even have to leave the page. One advantage to writing a limerick, or two, is they are short, so you can post them in comments on the blog, or on Mad Kane’s Facebook page. Go over and check it out, to read and laugh, and maybe write.magpie

Magpie Tales Hah! Interesting photograph. Remember that you do not have to write about the whole, or write about the image directly. Head over.Poetry Jam

At Poetry Jam, Sumana talks to us about one of my favourite topics, solitude vs. loneliness. I love the two images she gives us. Visit to read what she says.FPR-200

Found Poetry Review Beth has found an intriguing resource for found poetry. She says about it: HOAX has a new Twitter side project (@quoaxquoax) dedicated to tweeting and retweeting “unattributed text snippets tagged with #quoax.” Head over for links and to read the rest of what she says.

Poets & Writers gives us three prompts every week. One for non-fiction, one for fiction, and one for poetry. My contention is that all the prompts work for poetry. They also all work for prose. This week’s topics are forgiveness, technology, and names. Visit to find out what the prompts are about.IGWRTButtonrsz

At imaginary garden with real toads grapeling gives us a fun overview of recent travels and tells us how she came up with the prompt: I got to thinking how close yet how far some words are, and started thinking of pairs that share a root, as it were, but not necessarily a sense. Head over to read what she says and what she wants us to do. Go play with the toads.

At Poets United Midweek Motif Susan gives us glass(es) as our motif. She has a wealth of material for us to use. Visit to read the poems and quotations Susan has chosen. See what she has to say on the topic and the other bits of inspiration she has for us.sasha

At The Happy Amateur Sasha explains wikems. Head on over and see what Sasha does with black.

dverseOver at dVerse Bjorn talks to us about the volta. Don’t know what one is? Want to advance your writing? Head to the bar. They love visitors.

That should keep you occupied. I shall see you Tuesday for my prompt; Thursday for links and such; and Friday for more prompt site roundups.

Happy writing, everyone.



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2 responses to “Poetry Freeforall — Wanted: Inspiration

  1. Misky

    24/02/2015 at 8:59 am

    Glad that you like Mr Ezra. I’m listening to him right now.


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