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It’s Fridaaaaay and That Makes This a Freeforall

8:04 a.m. — Atlanta

Hello, all. How are you? Shall we get to it? First though, a moment or two to think about Adrienne Rich who has died. For you readers who do not know her work, do a little Googling today, and those of us who do know her work, well we might do the same.

I need to make a correction to an announcement. I had the wrong Trifecta. I know. Thank goodness, Paula checked the site, probably puzzled when I said it’s a busy looking site. You will see why when you visit, but first:

We start with Donna and The Poetry Mixtape, where she introduces us, this week, to Patrick Rosal. She says: [His] poems are full of music, visceral and tender at the same time. I am realising that Donna’s ‘prompt’ posts are of such value because of the poets she chooses. Many are writers I have not read, but Donna picking them gives me a first taste and I know whether I want the whole cake. Head over to meet this week’s poet. I have one of last week’s books winging its way towards me.

Joseph Harker’s Reveries, is even more fun than it usually is, asking us to write on the ephemerality of something not thought of as ephemeral, writing the poem on something like a paper napkin, book of matches, postcard… then posting the poem somewhere in our worlds, taking a photograph of it in place and posting the photo on our blogs. I felt exhilarated carrying this Reverie out and heard the same excitement in others who did this. Remember that it’s never too late to do this exercise. Go on over to read the whole.

9:11 a.m. — This is what happens when I get distracted while visiting the sites I write about here: I stopped by Joseph’s and while scrolling down to the Reverie link, spotted his ‘Fairy Tale,’ which I have been meaning to comment on. Oh well, a quick minute… the phone rings. My son for our weekly chat. I wander back to the computer, finish the remark and look to see what else I need to do… Oh, Good God, I’m writing a blog post.

And, then there is Adele’s blog, where I get caught up in both the prompts and the comments. One of the lovely things about Adele’s blog is the links to specific poems, that she suggests, that connect to the prompt either as context, or example. The Music In It: Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog has several options revolving around stones. To read all the possibilities, visit.

This week on Poetic Bloomings we are challenged with a photograph. To find out more and to read our hosts’ poems, head over. I have read several lovely responses to this photograph, already. Also, this fortnight’s interview is with mike Maher., so stop and read.

At The Sunday Whirl, Brenda tells us she pulled the words from an article in Bon Appetit magazine. I’ll have to reread my copy. Visit to see the wordle and to read what others have done. Not such an easy grouping this week.

Carry On Tuesday gives us a quotation from Robert Browning. To read it and several other quotations from Browning, head over.

Go to Mad Kane’s Humor Blog for her Limerick-off Mondays and a lot more besides. She calls it a humour blog for a reason. Go for the laugh. It’s healthy. It doesn’t much matter if you don’t want to write a limerick; reading them brightens a day. Fact.

Visit Magpie Tales for our image prompt. This week’s image is a photograph and a strange one. The effect is weird. Head over to see what we have.

Poetry Jam provides us with a prompt from Peggy, this week. She wants us to put yourself in the place of someone whose concept of God and/or how the world works is different from yours. Go on over to see what else she says. The possibilities are endless and fascinating for this topic.

For you alliterationists out there, visit ABC Wednesday. The introduction made me laugh.

The three words this week for Three Word Wednesday are fragrant, jostle, and remnant. Remember that it’s all about the three words working together. You might try writing down the first thoughts that come into your head as you read these words, before you go on to visit the site for their definitions. They have a particularly good source and I often get ideas from the definitions rather than the given words.

Over at imaginary garden with real toads we get two for one visit. First, we have Ella, who discusses a fascinating strategy for writing poems. She also talks about yet another book I must have. Head to the Garden to find out what. We also have Fireblossom Friday and a series of fascinating photographs centering on bodies. Visit to read the prompt. Check the rest of the week too. They have a lot going on, including an interview with Hedgewitch. Go play with the toads.

Happy Anniversary, We Write Poems and thank you for all the pleasure you give us. If you haven’t checked out the WWP tribute to its followers, go look.This week we are asked to give back, by sending a prompt we think will be fun for the group to play with in the months ahead.

At Poets United, we are asked to think about music, a topic that could take weeks, months, and we would still be conversing. For the rest of the prompt head over.

Over at dVerse’s Meeting the Bar, their prompt says, Let’s take the challenge to be totally alive in the present and write to our perceptions. It says a lot more and for that you will need to visit. You will find, as you read the article a familiar theme, one which bears repetition.

Over at Patricia K. Lichen, Author her Weekend Haiku & Limericks gives us the usual options. Sometimes I feel the need to share one of the options: boomers/mountain beavers. You know you want to find out. Visit for the possibilities and because it’s fun to wander through the site.

Flash fiction fans: I love the photograph Hannah is offering us over at Flashy Fiction, and the post’s title offers another possibility for a direction in which to take the poem. Hannah is good at that!

The final posting is for Trifecta, the correct Trifecta. I have given you the link to the Instructions page. They have an interesting shtick. Visit and find out what.

If you have questions, ask. If you write in response to any of these, the people whose blogs you visit would love to read your responses. So, post!

Remember: If you have a topic you want me to discuss, tell me. I’ll take on just about anything and if it’s beyond me, I’ll find sources. What niggles? What have you wanted to ask, or know? If you have an announcement you want posted, send it along for Your Serendipity @ Thursday Thoughts.

Remember to throw your name in for the chance at a couple of free books of poetry for the Great Poetry Giveaway. I shall see you Tuesday for a prompt that should offer everyone’s particular favourite aspect [What? In one exercise? MUAHAHAHA] and I shall set some prep work for the following week. On Thursday I shall see you for announcements; and Friday for the next roundup of prompts.

Happy writing, everyone.Gird your loins: Poem a Day is almost upon you.


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