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PoMoSco Day 23

Today’s is an interesting exercise. Jenni & Co. wanted to be sure we are familiar with online erasing tools (I hear the groans, those who know me and tech). I did it the hard way because the directions were the simplest. Instructions:

Open your source text in Photoshop — when you do so, it automatically opens the image in its own layer. Add a new layer on top of your source text. Select the brush tool and choose a colour swatch of your choice. You can use the eyedropper tool to select the colour of your page background (for a true erasure look), or select another colour of your choice. Paint over your source text, obscuring lines until only the words of your erasure poem remain.

For a video tutorial, watch Jenni B. Baker’s 8-minute demonstration of how she creates erasure poems for her Erasing Infinite project (well worth a watch if you want to try erasure poetry).

Save your completed work as an image file (JPG or PNG preferred) and upload it to the site.

After I received a translation of what I was to do, I ended up with: Once Then Nothing.

Other erasures:

james w. moore: never burn out

Barbara C: without surrender

Annie Razz: Poet Tree

Richard Walker: Grade 5

Misky: Two Cocks

Rebecca Siegel: Last Expedition

Vinita Agrawal: Centuries

Marsha Schuh: Chiarascuro

What? I know, but they’re short. Okay, Richard’s is not short (or long), but it is fun. Just a couple more.

Jamison Crabtree: ashes on cream

Angela K. Brown: Articulate Word

There is a wide assortment of the type of thing that can be done. Enjoy. See you tomorrow for a prompt I dreaded that turns out to be one of my favourite ways to play.


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