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Your Serendipity @ Thursday Thoughts

8:02 a.m. — Atlanta

Hello, all. We have quite a grab bag today, so let us start.

1] I came across the first article on a blog I subscribe to, For Bloggers By Bloggers. The title, ‘Finding Timely Images for Topical Blog Posts,’ is, well, timely and affects many of us, who like to use images from the Web. The premise is: ‘You also can’t just lift an image from a… site saying “kindly borrowed from xxx” – that’s still image theft and you can still be taken to court, found guilty and punished heavily’. Even some of the sites I am used to going to might be a little dickey, according to the author, Sarah Arrow, managing editor of Birds on the Blog [itself worth investigating].

Arrow lists the occasions we might find ourselves in trouble and then offers a site that she and other writers use. While their focus is topical items, I went to the site and typed in winter, then, even more general, trees. Not only did I get a wide variety of photographs, they were gorgeous. Visit, read the article, check out the photo site.

2] The article above arrived in my inbox shortly after I read ‘Beware of Copyright Infringement‘ over at imaginary garden with real toads. Serendipitous, no? Kerry O’Connor starts with: I received a complaint this week from a photographer whose image I used for a picture prompt on Real Toads last year without permission. Kerry includes a link to another article that will be of interest, ‘Bloggers Can Be Sued’. Go on over to read her short post, but also, read the comments. They are a discussion of sorts.

3] Need a little lightness? Try this one: ‘How to Eat Like Your Favourite Authors‘ from the site Flavorwire [which is a dangerous place. I was distracted by several items]. While your favourite author might not be among the ten listed, the article is great fun, including recipes from and by writers ranging from Dickinson to Rushdie. Head over. Oh, you already went and came back? I don’t blame you. Did you check out the bonus link, ‘love to drink’? Good heavens, go back. The link takes you to an article on ten writers and their favourite drinks.

The set up, for both articles, is to click next, for each writer. If you prefer a long list there is an option to view as a single page.

4] That was fun! Now, more serious: punctuation. I know, but it’s good for you. Judy Lee Dunn, whose site I also subscribe to, because of the plentiful information which I find of use, tells us that this is a topic that pushes her buttons. It pushes mine too, although I have mellowed a little. I still hold that punctuation guides a reader and adds clarity to poetry. However, this is a discussion of the exclamation point. When I taught, I banned them. Students who wanted to use one had to defend their use. Their writing became so much better with that small thing alone. Check out: Here She Comes to Save the Day!: ‘Wanton Exclamation Point’. Quite a title. Says it all.

5] I don’t want to leave you there, so something quick. Poets & Writers, recently, gave us a short video, about which they say: “Wonderful things happen when your brain is empty,” says artist and author Maira Kalman as she shares her thoughts on the difference between thinking and feeling, the inspiring power of walking in the city, and more. The video is charming and short, so take a minute to listen and watch.

I shall see you tomorrow for Friday’s Freeforall; Tuesday for the warm-up, transition back into new, uncharted prompt territory prompt; and, next Thursday for more serendipitous finds, unless you send me announcements you want to… announce, or, have a topic you want us to discuss, a question you want answered.

Happy writing, everyone.


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