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Poem Tryouts: Dream the Summer Away

7:41 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Familia sung by Badi and Clarice Assad with Yo Yo Ma

Hello, everyone. In a summer when I’m on the road more often than not, I pick dreams, about which I know nothing, as my focal topic for prompts? Really? Well, it might be easier than fighting the brain, which insists. It does mean a series of prompts that are not quite as light as my summer prompts usually are. The caveat, as you know, is always that you can read the prompt, shrink with horror at the thinking involved, and adapt like mad.

Curious, I looked up dream’s etymology before creating our first prompt and am so fascinated, that has become the first prompt.

The word ‘dream’ is thought to be derived from (at its earliest) Proto-Germanic, meaning:  deception, illusion, or phantasm, with a side of Old Norse, meaning: ghost or apparition. The Old English definition of dream as something to do with joy, mirth, noisy merriment, and music, comes from a different root, altogether, and is not thought to be a connected word. We can play with that later.

Dreams as we think of them, a series of images or thought passing through our minds when asleep, did not come about until the mid-13th century. Let us leave this one for another time and go back to the original meanings.

Answer, in some form, the question, How are dreams deception, illusion, phantasm, ghost or apparition? There are differences in the meanings, so choose one, or more. The word ‘dream’ does not have to be in the poem.

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I will see you Thursday for links; Friday for the week’s roundup of prompts; and Tuesday for our next dream prompt. I’m off to pack some more, or at least look at stuff.

Happy writing, all.


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Poetics Serendipity

7:41 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Dumbarton’s Drums sung by the Corries

Hello there, everyone. We’re almost there. You just have to get through a day, or two, and it’s the weekend. We don’t usually do anything particular on Labour Day weekend, but we have close friends in Ohio. Ohio has proved too hard to get to, so far, so a compromise halfway point turns out to be Berea, Kentucky. Berea recently made the list of top 17 most hippy cities in the United States. I can’t wait. Meanwhile, we have links.

1] A brief post: How I Came to Embrace Goodreads by Patrick Ross. I know, two weeks in a row of Patrick seems like too much goodness and I considered adding this post to my list of future stuff, but not a day goes by that someone isn’t now my friend, or following me, on Goodreads, despite the fact that after my initial listing of books, years ago, when it started, I have done absolutely nothing. And still they come. Patrick’s viewpoint gave me pause, so you can read it, too.

2] I think I mentioned The Poetry Circle when it began. I join all the writing networks, in order to see what’s happening. I don’t actually do anything at any of them — no time — but I like to keep abreast of the poetry world and this is one way to do it. When you land on this page, you’ll find a clean, clear listing of the things incorporated in the group, on the left. Check them out if you are looking for a writing group.

3] TED talk [Yay!]: Actually, I’m posting the TED blog post titled, ‘The power of daydreams: 4 studies on the surprising science of mind-wandering‘ but the talk is part of it, so hey! Interesting material on wandering minds and as most of us confess to some degree of it, at least read the post.

4] Debbie Ridpath Ohi time!

Mimi's Book Purge

Mimi’s Book Purge

Used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at

I will see you tomorrow for the roundup; Tuesday for a borrowed prompt; and Thursday for links and stuff.

Happy writing, all.


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