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Poem Tryouts: Unzipped

9:01 a.m. — San Antonio

listening to With Your Love sung by Jefferson Starship

Hello, all. I think I made a rash statement to the effect I would post a picture and keep mum, leaving all possibilities to you. Do you know how hard that is?!

street art unzipped

I found this on Pinterest without title or artist, for which I apologise. Let’s see what you do with it (this is killing me). I will say that whatever results, the image is your spark and doesn’t have to be a part of the poem; or, you can focus on one part of the image and ignore the rest.

I will see you Thursday for links and things and next Tuesday for yet another image prompt, one where I can go back to directing.

Happy writing all.


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Poem Tryouts: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

8:51 a.m. — San Antonio

listening to Good King Wenceslas sung by some choir

Hello, all. I’ve been having far too much fun with my two advent calendars and NORAD’s Santa tracker and it’s only December 1st. We did not have an image during November and December is a rather hysterical month, so I may give images every week. We’ll see how it goes.

by Mary Cassatt

by Mary Cassatt

This image caught my eye as I was looking through my collection. You may stop reading right now and write your poem, or read further, first.

So, why does this give me pause? I read a print newspaper and Skip reads his news online. I tried online once and realised I missed too much serendipitous news because I chose amongst the headlines presented. With a print newspaper, I see everything and with an article right there, when I pause to glance, my eye starts reading down the column or picks up on a paragraph. I read so much more than I do online. Besides, I like turning pages, the sound of the paper, the smell of newsprint (not that the ink smells as it used to), the context of the whole.

Do you get your news in swaths or slices? How do you go about it? You can write directly to this image or follow what my own meanderings may have begun. If you follow my path, you can write about how you found out a specific piece of news, or you can write about how you get your news, in general. Go where your mind takes you.

I will see you Thursday for links and next Tuesday for another image.

Happy writing, all.


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Poem Tryouts: Picture This

6:55 a.m. — San Antonio

listening to Bach

Hi everyone. I hope your summer (winter) goes well and that families are storing enough together time to be looking forward to summer’s end. We are more or less moved in, although our stuff doesn’t arrive until next week. We have hired a storage unit for the nonce. We are also moving my mother this week, so I am going to give you an image today, and probably next week, to make my life easier. Alright, fine, because my brain has not kicked into gear, yet.

dali city of drawers

City of Drawers by Dali

This image fascinates me. I saved it, originally for the dream images, but let’s not limit ourselves. If you have an immediate idea, go for it. Otherwise, peruse the image from bottom left to top right, jotting notes on what you see (not what you think). Go over it one more time. Look at your notes and start adding what you think, as an idea for a poem.

I will try to get around to reading, but life is still a little upheaved. I will see you next Tuesday for another prompt and hopefully, be able to return to our regular schedule, next week.

Happy writing, all.


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Poem Tryouts: A Quality of Light

8:46 a.m. — Atlanta

Hello, everyone. We have snow! Not much and it will be gone by noon, but we can look out on blanketed roofs and lawns. Unfortunately, we have visitors in the form of my Uncle and Aunt (the visit and they are not an unfortunate event, only the going out and doing something), which means going out in the cold and wet. Ick.

In the last few days, an artist friend and the art group I follow on Facebook have posted three paintings with particularly affecting colour. I’m not sure what I want you to do with them, but I’d like it to involve light.

maufra iledebrehat

Ile de Brehat by Maufra



raoul dufy still life

Still Life Before the Yellow House by Raoul Dufy



milton avery green landscape

Green Landscape by Milton Avery

You can choose one and write a straightforward response to what you see.

You can choose one and write a poem based on the emotion it evokes.

You can mix the paintings and take details from each to create your poem.

You can pick a single detail to use as your spark.

Whichever and however you respond, try to have a quality of light in the poem — it might involve colour, but doesn’t have to.

I will see you Thursday for links and things; Friday for the week’s roundup of prompts; and next Tuesday for the first prompt of March (I know!).

Happy writing, all. Stay safe.




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Poem Tryouts: Imagine This

7:58 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Harry Belafonte singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Hello, all. Snow’s a’ comin’. Start replenishing the just in case closet. Then settle in with a prompt, or two. This is our image day and I am going to pull a Magpie and see what happens with no guidance. I was working on what to say with each of these two images when I realised I wanted to see what you did with them on your own.

This first was found by my California brother. You’ll need to study it a bit.

one man's garbage

In case that one leaves you flummoxed poem-wise:

boy in jar with fireflies

Off you go. I shall be leaving for my Florida brother’s tomorrow (road trip!), so may not get to your poems until early next week. A lot depends on my tablet, and whether I am busy eating. Many of you may say the same about posting, so don’t worry about pulling in later than usual.

Remember: Wordgathering is dark Thursday and Friday. I shall see you again next Tuesday for a prompt, possibly to do with death. I have to dig out my notes (don’t worry, I’ll write it so you can be as distanced or as close as you wish).

Happy writing, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving, whether or not you celebrate it. I am more thankful to all of you than I can say.


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Poem Tryouts: Image Potluck

8:31 a.m.

listening to Three Dog Night singing Pieces of April

chariot VBGbQBU

Hello, all. I see we in the U.S. seem to be under a heatwave. I can hardly complain, given the mild summer up ’til now. However, it can feel free to go away. Today we have our monthly image prompt — I hear the cheers. I know you love the images. An image can be freeing or constraining, depending on how you approach it.

Now, I had promised a pot luck day, today, so you may happily browse the Net for a painting, or a photograph that yells ‘Helloooo!” as you go by. Or, you can look at the photograph I will post for those with no Net time this week and see what it sparks.

Things to remember when using an image as inspiration: The poem does not have to bear any apparent relationship whatsoever to the image that inspires it. In fact, people don’t even have to know your inspiration is an image. Having said that, it’s fun to see from where people are drawing their poems, so consider posting your image.

You don’t have to write about the whole thing. One aspect of the whole might fascinate you. Write about it.

When you study your image, start at the bottom left corner and move to the upper right. It’s the way our brain assimilates images.

If you give the piece a close study, I have found that listing everything I see helps me be consciously aware of all the image is composed of, to include placement and light.

The photograph I am posting comes from my California brother, just yesterday. I felt an immediate emotional connection, which is one reason it’s going up. The subject is a Thracian chariot that has been dug up in Bulgaria. I find it fascinating. Click on it to receive a full-screen image.

I shall see you Thursday for links and Tuesday for our first September prompt [September!].

Happy writing, all.


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