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Renga Rally

Hello. Yes, It’s me again already, but I could not resist this challenge which I came across while writing the Friday Freeforall. Grace, over at imaginary garden with real toads, challenges us to a group renga.

Some claim April rain
brings the blossoms of May,                           Grace O’Malley
but trees here are hasty

like youth, ardor unrestrained
eager for springs first sweet kiss                    Art Happens 365

Sakura blossoms
In the arms of old man tree                             Skylover
Drops of moonlit milk

showgirls will perform a dance
inspired by Moon light’s embrace                  Ella

her graceful waves in
a risque spring ballet, legs                             Laurie Kolp
kick the darkened sky

stars wink at rainbow feathers
that tease with each fluttering                       Susie Clevenger

My full heart flutters,
I become dancer and dance                           Other Mary
under April’s moon

and a blossoming cherry
in the sweet, full warmth of May                  Kay, Alberta, Canada

And we, resting far
north where snow still flies and melts          Sunflower Shan
await midnight sun.

Polar day will not circle
on cosmic calliope.                                         Jinksy

Pegasus gallops
to the music of the spheres,                            Caddoc Trellis
while star clusters spin.

The earth spins on its axis,                             margo
hums its music in B flat.

Join in. It’s quick. It’s fun. Let’s see how long we can make this renga.


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