Poetry Prompts Freeforall: Here We Go

09 May

7:34 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Vivaldi

Hello, all. Ready for a week full of possibilities? Not everyone is back up and running, so I’ll leave markers.










We have a new contender: Sepia Saturday, a site that has been up since 2009! Their thing is photographs, old ones, yours or theirs. Head over and be sure to read ‘Ask Auntie Miriam’.sunday whirl

At The Sunday Whirl, Brenda gives us our usual dozen. If you haven’t wordled yet, what are you waiting for? Brenda will have new words up on Sunday. Visit to see the wordle and to read what others have done.

adele kennyAt The Music In It: Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog, Adele has a guest prompter who says ‘the best love poems walk right up to the edge of sentimentality but don’t go over the cliff. Here are four ideas for ways to enter the tricky terrain of the love poem’. Visit to read her ideas [I don’t know why the font has shrunk; nor will it unshrink]

Red Wolf Poems’ wordles are different from Brenda’s, so check them out at We Wordle. There is something mesmerising about the amount of words and it’s fun to see how many you can incorporate. The source of words are the poems written for the site’s regular weekly prompt.

Never written a limerick? What are you waiting for? There is an art to writing one that transcends the form’s notoriety. We’re at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog for Limerick-off Mondays, my guaranteed smile of the week. At the least, go read Madeleine’s limerick for the week’s line.magpie

Over at The Mag [Magpie Tales], we have Chair With the Wings of a Vulture, 1960, a sculpture by Salvador Dali. I thought I had seen most of his work. Clearly not. Have fun with this one. Remember: you do not have to write about the whole image. Sometimes you can write to just one tiny part of the whole. Go on over.

Laurie Kolp, at Poetry Jam, invites us to join in the festivities. So, go.

carol  Hip replacement happening here. Hopefully, Carol will be her rocking self soon.


At the Found Poetry Review they are recovering from a month of setting and writing to 30 prompts. If you don’t know about Oulipo, head over and read some of the prompts and poems and give it a try, yourself.  Don’t forget to stop by their weekly column highlighting found poetry related news and resources. See what the Review is all about. All things found live there.

Poets & Writers’ suggestions for all three genres work as possibilities for a poem subject. This week we have flowers, through a child’s eyes, and mama.Visit.

At imaginary garden with real toads, I have met a new artist to love. Go on over to see who Fireblossom gives us for inspiration. Go play with the toads.




The Poets United Mid-Week Motif at Poets United, is looking at children. Head over to read what Susan suggests we do.

dverseOver at dVerse, Meeting the Bar presents us with conversational poetry. Look around while you’re there. Stay awhile; it’s a friendly place.

I love Walt’s presentation of today’s post at Flashy Fiction Friday: Homecoming. Go see what he has us coming home from.

If you have questions, ask. If you write in response to any of these, the people whose blogs you visit would love to read your responses. Post and leave your links with them!

I shall see you Tuesday for a doors and windows prompt; Thursday for the summer calendar; and Friday for the prompt roundup.

OCALHand_WritingHappy writing, everyone.

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2 responses to “Poetry Prompts Freeforall: Here We Go

  1. barbcrary

    09/05/2014 at 10:13 am

    Still working on an interlocking rubáiyát, Margo. That’s from Tuesday. You’re makin’ me crazy – but in a good way.

    • margo roby

      09/05/2014 at 11:53 am

      I like crazy. Looking forward greatly to the result of your interlocking, Barb.


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